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At Kiwi Drainage Ltd, we can offer you an expert drain lining service in Wembley and surrounding areas. Initially, it was developed to renovate large diameter main sewers. It is now an extremely popular method of repairing smaller diameter domestic drains in the UK. So if you are interested in our services, call Kiwi Drainage Ltd, serving throughout London and Middlesex, including Harrow and Hayes.


Kiwi Drainage operatives have been successfully lining and relining drains for over a decade. It is generally cheaper, less disruptive and cleaner to line a drain than to renew it, involving little if any disturbance of the ground on which the drain is laid.


Kiwi Drainage makes a point of staying at the forefront of drain lining developments. They have also been developed to change diameter part way along a drain and then revert to the original dimensions further down the line.

• Unblocking guttering and downpipes

• Problematic blockages

• Drain rodding

• High-pressure surface cleaning

• CCTV video camera & reports

• Root cutting and removal

• Excavation and repairs

• Drain installation

• Manhole cover replacement and repair

• Flooding and pumping out

• Planned preventative maintenance

• Main drains

• Sewage problems and repairs

• High-pressure water Jetting

• Emergency drain cleaning

We record the whole of our drainage survey, to show you exactly what the camera sees. We will produce a report of all our findings, detailing the exact state of your drains and the type and location of any drain problems we find. We can also provide a video of the drain survey for your own record. We can advise you on how best to deal with any problems we encounter and offer a full range of drainage repair services.


CCTV surveys are ideal for builders to ensure and prove the drain and sewer systems are in good working order. They are perfect for finding problems in pipelines, saving the cost of unnecessary digging.

For a professional CCTV drain survey or for drain lining call Kiwi Drainage Ltd on:

020 8908 9000

Drain lining

We provide the following services:

Specialist CCTV drainage surveys in London


Where pipes are collapsed or severely broken, replacement may be the only answer. All excavations are minimized to the problem area with the use of CCTV and Sonar Tracing Equipment.


• Hardstanding and lawns protected while excavations in progress

• All drainage replaced conforms to British Standards and building regulations

• Areas affected made good by qualified tradesmen to customer's satisfaction

• Excess soil removed from site and left in a clean and tidy condition

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